Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Traits of a Healthy Family

When thinking about healthy traits i can't not help but think about what is un-healthy. I've been married for 7 months now, and I have experienced and have known for a long time that a lack or communication, or bad communication causes more and more problems as time goes by. It's a inevitable thing that we will go through, and i can not think of one family who has this struggle within their relationship. Communication is one of many traits to a healthy family we are going to talk about. Learning how to communicate back and fourth is vital in all relationships because 1. what you say might, not be how they heard it. Or You might say something you didn't mean. If you are not married, you will experience this and if you are married this is an every day thing that you and our spouse is working on. Another triat of a healthy family is that they affirm and support each other: This could be in times of trial on one side, or in sending your son or daughter off to collage. It the thought of each other be confident in who they are and who they are as a family. Another one is that they have respet for each other and through this others learn what respet is. It's sort of a definition of the word, but them applyed in their everyday living. Another is that the family develop a sense of trust for each other. The husband and wife trust each other, when their children prove themselves worth of doing something the parents trust for them grows. But the hardest thing we have to mention is how hard is it to gain trust back? Very. When the trust is broken before two different people, or multiple people there is a scar there and there is no confidence for that person. Others are, Have a sense of play and humor, share responsibiliy, they teach a sense of right and wrong, they have a stone sense of family oriented time (christmas, etc.), they share a religious core with each other....
These listes are some triats to a healthy family. I know that with in every family there are times of struggles and frustrations, but on the other end there is things that are great and encouraging. What we want as a family is to be healthy. And these are some steps on how to grow and be healthy as a family.

Fahter Less Homes

This is a study that i was able to look into, and I've realized the importance of the fathers role in the homes. Their role as dad, leader, helper, encourager, etc. The definition of Father is stated in this way: Father is a man who has beget a child; and with this child he cares for them, protects them and takes full responsibility for that child. He is the source of previsions. Now that we know the definition, we have to emphasize the importance of fathers managing there role and responsibility for that Child. The fathers impact for his child is crucial, and powerful, the most valuable things a father can give to his children is a loving relationship that is interested in who they are, as God created them. Boys:When a boy is growing up the Father will lead him into man hood, hopefully naturally. He will tell him and show him of all the responsibilities he will have in the future. He will show him life and what it is and what is expected from him as a Child of God and a man. There are sever consequences of boys who are not lead into man hood. Here are some: 1. A son my develop an attitude which says. It is all about me and what i want in life. I'm the one who is to get all i want. 2. The son might develop this view for women as slaves. They are to be used. 3. A son's heart might be hardened and not ready for the Lord. These things that are stated are very important to look out for and hopefully over time we will put into effect leading out boys and girls to women hood. Girls: What about daughters? How are we as fathers lead our girls to women hood, how are we to grow them and help them change into an image as God wants them to be? Here are some ways that a father can lead a girl into woman hood: 1. Give her an expression of non-sexual love and affection to your wife so that your daughter may see it and then to you daughter. 2. Let your daughters do feminine things, and lead your daughter to accept and rejoice in God's design of her and bring her to dependence to God. 3. Let your girls see that you are reading the bible and talk to them about what you are reading, challenge them. 4. Give her a vision of godly woman hood etc.
As you can see that boys and girls are different, they have different needs and they listen a different way. The call for the father is this: God entrusted you with the raising up of your son and daughter for the Lord. God gave you this gift to nurture and mature them so that they will be ready to follow Christ and their God. Question... are you doing this? Is this a daily thing that you are undergoing? Think about it. The results on being involved with your children "dads" are amazing when you are involved in their lives. Toys and stuff like that is important to a degree. You son and your daughter want a relationship with you! Do you want your children to grow? Mature? Have a prosperous life? Do you want them to be safe? and have a good head on them that knows what is right and what is wrong? Dad's you play a very important role in the family. Remember that your children look up to you for strength when they are down, they look to you for encouragement to stay strong and head long! Think about it... and see what you need to change for the sake of your children.