Friday, November 6, 2009

A Prayer for the Saints

I've recognized that while i'm studying here at Sunset International Bible Institute, I can't help but think about how my brothers and sisters are doing around the world with their ministry. Every where we go as Christians it is tough. weather we living in a different country or the United States it is tough. Culture and society is telling us to do this or to be that. Pray! For the strength, the focus, the zeal to stay established in our fellow brothers and sisters around the world. God is in control and God will work... But don't cease to pray for those who are in need, and are suffering for the sake of the gospel....

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Prayer Request for my Dad!

My life was turned up side down....
About a week ago my mom called me and had some news for me about my dad. There was a accident and my dad was in the middle of it. He was hurt really bad and was in critical condition. My dad works on heavy machinery (he is a mechanic) and is really good at his job. But with this case we will see that my dad was in the wrong spot at the wrong time. We don't know what happened all we can do is speculate all that could of happened. From the accident my dad broke his jaw, and other facial fractures occurred. He had (and still has) blood in his lungs. His lip was split open also. Because of all the shock and trauma that happened, his body naturally slewed up. But this caused other problems such as his throat being closed up, the blood was focused on the mid section of his body and this could have caused blood clots because there was no circulation going on. I flew home to be with my family, we were hurt and we were fearful for my dad. I was able to comfort my mom and help her in all the areas of which i could. When i saw my dad, emotions struck me as i saw him laying there in pain because of what happened to him. I has a hard time looking at him and i hated seeing him this way because this is not how i want to see my dad.
A week and a half later i returned home with my wife (she came up a couple days later) to fulfill needs and responsibilities here. I get texts from my sister and calls from them with updates on my dad. He is doing a lot better. He is still in ICU and is progressing well. Please keep praying because he is not 100%. He has a long way to go and he is going because of your guys prayers for him. Keep Praying.

What we were challenged with:
-Trust in God.
-Not to worry.
-Family members who want to help, but were in the way.
-Conflict at times between my mom and sister.
-Etc. and the List goes on.

What we were confident in:
-My dad is a Christian, and God loves him more then us, and we know that He is holding him.
-That God is in complete control.
-That no matter what we have to stay faithful to God. (Even during trying trials in our lives.)

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Our life so far this school year

Hello, classes this term and next

Hello everyone! Life in Lubbock, Texas has been very busy for us since school has started in the beginning of August. Our demanding classes were great. We had: Luke with Charles Speer Introduction to Ministry Studies with Ron Bontrager James– I & II Peter with Ron Bontrager We are very excited for next term. The holidays are always fun. We are looking forward to be seeing our families for a bit of time. We’ll be spending Thanksgiving in Florida and Christmas in California. Our class schedule will be: Christian Home with Charles Speer (very excited for this one) Isaiah with Doyle Gilliam Hebrews with Gerald Paden Galatians with Ed Wharton Preaching from the Old Testament

Adventures In Missions (AIM)

AIM began with our school year here in Lubbock. The class started with 66 students. As you know, with us being AIM assistants we get assigned a church to work with and some of the AIM students. We are assigned to Sunset as our Area church and we have 8 students that are assigned to us as well. Those students are, Cally Ward from Montana, Nyasha Alufayi from South Africa, Matraca Moore from Texas, Ashley Stein from Texas, Kalen Berry from California, Dustin Horn from Texas, Cody Marceau from Kansas and Isaac Ramos from New Mexico.

So far with the AIMers we have had two long weekends working with Sunset church of Christ. The first one was Blue Haven, September 4-7. This is a retreat for the high school students, for this us and the AIMers worked as recreation crew, helped around the kitchen and two of our guy AIMers were camp counselors. The second long weekend was, Ceda Glen, September 25-27. This was basically the same kind of thing, a middle school retreat. For Ceda Glen we taught classes to each of the grades about how God always leads you in the right direction. The AIMers were camp counselors to all of the grades as well. Directly after Blue Haven, the high school retreat we all (us and the AIMers) went to an AIM retreat called Mountain View. This was a time for them to get away a little bit because they had just finished with their mid-terms. However we, had some homework to do during Mountain View so it wasn’t a real break for us, it was a nice change of scenery.

Heart to Heart

Our anniversary was Sunday, October 11th! We can’t believe that we have already been married a year! We are beginning to understand why everyone would say that years go by so fast, it’s because they really do! We have learned a lot so far and are excited to see what we are going to learn from and about each other in the years to come.

Thank you so much for remembering us in your prayers and in your support. You all are also in our thoughts and prayers.

“Fight the good fight of faith; take hold of the eternal life to which you were called, and you made the good confession in the presence of many witnesses.” I Timothy 6:12

In His deep love,

The Hughes family

Posted by: Beth Hughes

Friday, August 28, 2009

Everything Starting up!

When Beth and I returned to Lubbock from our Trip to India, and to California to visit my parents and supporters, we had to unpack. Before we left for our trip we had to pack everything up because we had to moved from one apartment to another. The reason for this is because there is 66 AIMers in class, and they needed the apartment we were in. So Beth and I moved. So when we arrived back to Lubbock we had to unpack and then go to Wichita Falls to visit Beth's coordinators from Italy who only come once every two years because of costs etc. So we went there for 3 days and spend time with them. Beth was very excited and i was happy to meet them. When returing we realized that AIM and Sunset start up within two days from the day we left Wichita Falls. (take a minute with me while I go over some times with all that we did over the summer)
1. Had four days to Pack- to get everything ready to move (before our Trip to India)
2. India trip (four weeks in three different Cities) -it was awesome!
3. California- right after ward to visit family and supporters for a week (It was great)
4. Lubbock- two days to un-pack everything in our new apartment, then...
5. Wichita Falls- visiting Beth's Corrdinators from Italy, then...
6. Only had two days till AIM and Sunset started.
-This last summer has been great, i just think next time we wont cram so many things in one summer...

These weeks Beth and I have been back in School. Our Classes that we are taking are- Minor Prophets, 1 & 2 Peter/ James, Life and Teachings of Jesus Part 1- (Luke), and Intro to Ministry Studies. We are still working with AIM and enjoy every minute of it. Small groups are established with the AIMers and Sunday area Churches are also going on. great!

This year i'm excited to see the change not only in these AIMers lives but also me and my wifes life. You can learn alot from young people and their zeal.


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Trip to MUMBAI – July 7-23, 2009

Down Town Mumbai

Arriving– Once we all got there the Missionary picked us up and then we had an hour drive by taxi through the city to his house. Great fun, and yet crazy at the same time. Diving there isn’t like driving here. They have rules, but they don't obey them.

Every morning– The Days started around 6 in the morning to around 12 in the morning. We had long tiring
days, but they were fulfilling and great.

Temple Visits– The first week we would all head out and start off our day walking the streets and looking at
different things. We would see temple after temple on the streets and with Indian’s worshiping them. Watching this was very convicting because of how they truly believed in those Idols and gods. They are not just one god but thousands upon millions of gods. God truly did touch us that day and all we could think of was what Paul went through when walking the streets of Athens, and seeing all the idolatry and how there has to be a change.
Language classes- Every morning we had a devotional with the missionary, and then right after ward we would have Hindi classes with one of the Indian’s that the missionaries was reaching out to. It was of course challenging and we did learn some, but not enough in our time there.

Visiting families– We would visit a different family practically every day. Either we went somewhere or someone was meeting us that day for a visit. Most of the time we would visit our brothers and sisters to encourage them through scripture and through prayer. When visiting non– Christians the missionary would be leading in that area with some teaching that is very discrete, and he would pray also. These were great encouraging times for the saints.

Men's Studies– Reveline– is a brother that is the only Christian in his house. He is 26 yrs. old and trying to
change, and grow closer to God. Rance and I studied with him, and I went back again to study and pray with him. He has great potential to be rooted in Christ Jesus. Please pray for him. Dhawal- another brother
around 23 yrs. old. This was the man who was with us most of the time, learning from us and studying with us. We too learned from him also. He has been a Christian for a while but it was just recent that he came back to the faith. Work, and school squeezed time with God out of the picture. But now that he is back on track and knows what is important he tried his best to hang with Rance and I. For the encouragement. Pray for
Dhawal, that he would rise up and be a leader in the Lord’s Church.

Girls studies– They had three main studies in Mumbai. The first one was led my Alissa because there needed to be a translator and there wasn’t the time for the both of them to speak. This was to four Christian women in the same family. Another one that the both of them led was with a woman named Sagrika. She was not yet married (big deal in India) and was being told by some of her neighbors that she was cursed by evil spirits. The last study that they had in Mumbai was Beth teaching the ladies day. There were about 5 Christian women there.

Worshiping on Sunday– We met at a hospital. There were about 7-9 people there and they were mostly all young adults praising God. It was great praising God with them, and I believe we were and encouragement to them as well. We also worshiped at a house church that had about 15 members. Carls Baptism– Carl was baptized in the biggest bath. It was the Ocean. He is a new brother in Christ and he is very active in wanting to know more and more about God. Through reading and growing in his prayer life. Pray for Him!

Weather– Monsoon season is crazy and sad. The reason why is because I think I saw the sun once or twice when I was in Mumbai. It was still light out but there was clouds every where and it rained a lot. Not only that it was pretty hot when traveling and being out-side. Rance and I Lost in

Mumbai– Our taxi driver didn’t follow the other one as closely and so he didn’t follow the right one. So we went back to where we were and just waited. Called around to get a hold of the Missionary, and then we waited. We felt like a little water drop in a bucket, so we prayed… Then we felt like the biggest people in the city, and we were not worried because we knew God was with us.

Growth– The both of us were changed some how and some way from this experience. Especially our prayer life changed and grew tremendously. Not only that, but brothers and sisters were challenged to stay faithful and God was honored and glorified.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Trip to Tracandrum – July 1-6, 2009

Gospel meeting– So before leaving Lubbock for this trip we remember hearing that we will be having a gospel meeting. I had a lot of question and thoughts in what does that mean and what are the details to that. So the day comes to preach. There were 20 or so visitors there and the rest were saints wanting to grow in their relationship with God. P.K. (the preacher there) translated for Rance and I. My Lesson was–“Jesus the all powerful God.” -Note to self, be prepared because Rance and I didn’t have but 2days to prepare for a Gospel meeting that we have never been to, with a translator, and unsure of the time limit and what to expect. I asked P.K. how long do I have he said 45 minutes. When going through my lesson I could see that the people there were interested in what I / P.K. was saying. After each gospel meeting, the church provided everyone with samosa type things. (imagine a croissant with curry goodness inside)

Rance taught– When teaching God was honored through what was said and what was studied. Rance did a great Job. I can clearly see that God is changing him and that he has the gift of teaching, because he knows it, is challenged by it, and can not keep what he has studied in
when talking to people. I’m thankful God puts people like Rance in our lives. We need them in the Church!

Trip to south tip of India– R.K. (Brother there) took us to south tip of India. You couldn’t
go more south then where we were. It was beautiful. The air was clean, the winds were strong and the waves were moving. Sunday morning (July 5) I preached in one congregation, in
Kovalam, which is 45 minutes away (the place was where Rance and I had the gospel
meeting) And Rance preached where the Church meets in Trivandrum. I preached on Romans 12 and giftedness. How we are all a part of a body with all unique and special gifts given
to us by God. When looking at the people I could see that they were interested in this topic and there was something going on in their minds. I asked them this question: What is your gift.
Then I went through every gift listed in Romans 12. And at the end of every gift I asked these questions. For example: Encouraging… do you do this? Could you do this? Is this your gift? I
was trying my best to challenge the congregation to find out their gifts so that through them the body will be encouraged and that they will grow through the blessings that God gave them. The believers there have great potential to grow and change. They just don’t know it yet. There
are men willing to serve and lead and teach, just don't know how, and there are women there will to serve and teach the younger women… they just don't know how yet. God is doing great things there with the Church. Pray for them! Pray for: Growth, wisdom, deeper relationship with God, a yearning for reading and praying. Pray… Pray… PRAY… Never Not Pray.

The Food– Indian food is full of spices. They don't eat ground beef because they see the cows as holy. So they some times eat chicken but more are vegetarian. It isn’t as spicy as people make it out to be but it is very good. Plus, you get to eat with your hands, how cool is that. The only down side that I saw was that I had to eat with my right hand, because the left hand is
seen as un-clean (I’m a lefty). For you to experience what I had to go through for 4 weeks in India with eating. The next meal you have make it similar to Indian food with rice, sauce, vegetables and eat it with your opposite hand. (tell me how it was.)

God Challenged me– Through out my whole time in Trivandrum I was being challenged.
By the culture, by my personal relationship with God, and with stepping up to the plate to bat. I was pushed and stretched and all I could do is say, “Its all about You (referring to God), it’s never been about me.” When thinking about this constantly (and I still do) I take myself out of the picture and allow God to work. When going to a different culture, meeting different people and seeing the Church there, you are overly encouraged and challenged at the same time because you get to teach them. It was great and I’m happy that Trivandrum was a place to go to. My life, and heart was changed, and not only that but the brothers were encouraged and strengthened and those who never heard about Jesus… DID! Keep Praying!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Trip to Bangalore– June 23-29, 2009

Flying to India took more than a day and we spent 14 hours or more on one plan ride. (that was a challenge) This city that we flew into was a city of 6,200,000 and more people. When
arriving to the Hotel that we were staying in a went outside to see, smell, and listen to the city. The people there are really friendly and most if not all spoke English. It isn’t the English we are used to, it is from Britain. Plus with all their accents it makes it very difficult to understand them.

Water deficit– India was lacking water, and the only time they got water was during monsoon season. With out much water they had to cut the power for a while through out the day, and not only that but rice and other food was going up in price. The monsoons are very crucial for India because during this season they store water for the whole year until the next monsoon season. So if there is no water this year they will suffer through out the next. (The cure to this)- The people there would call out to all their gods for help, to help them get water flowing. They then asked a man to help them in this endeavor. He was known as the Rain Man who can make rain come.

Tony Preached on Sunday– and this was a very interesting experience for me. I didn’t know anyone there except the Missionary (Who is Indian their) and us Americans. I was nervous and at the same time didn’t have to worry about a translator because everyone there spoke English very well. I spoke on: How Jesus Proved Himself to Be the Only God. I loved it because the brothers there were sincere and very encouraging to us visitors. Then after ward we had some chai. ( great tea.)

Refuge Camp– At this camp there were more than 200 kids there who escaped from Sri Lanka during the civil war. Our mission when were was to put smiles on the kids faces and tell them about God through stories and songs. Stories like David and Goliath. Songs like– He’s got the whole world in His hands. It was great the Kids loved us and we to loved them. While there I
got close to two young adults that came with us who was in the youth group. Their names are Steven and Mang. When speaking with them I can clearly see that God is raising them up for Him to use them. I saw great potential and I saw future leaders in the Church. Please pray for them and there studies so that they will be men who are raised up knowing and having a relationship with the Lord, and that they will be servants for the people there. So that one say they might save those who are captive, enslaved to those Idols they worship.

Mysore– Was 3 hours away from Bangalore and where were there visiting the group of believers that lived their. When there I preached and they translated for me. (that
was quite an experience for me. I later learned to speak in thoughts, not sentences.) It was great for us. Because we were able to see that God and His Kingdom is growing more and more.

My over all experience in Bangalore was both great and a huge challenge. When walking the
streets and seeing hundreds of beggars, trash every where, the smell was very extreme and the noise at time unbearable. Even though it was a huge struggle for us physically, God used us and not only that, God changed us… Pray for working saints in Bangalore.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Traits of a Healthy Family

When thinking about healthy traits i can't not help but think about what is un-healthy. I've been married for 7 months now, and I have experienced and have known for a long time that a lack or communication, or bad communication causes more and more problems as time goes by. It's a inevitable thing that we will go through, and i can not think of one family who has this struggle within their relationship. Communication is one of many traits to a healthy family we are going to talk about. Learning how to communicate back and fourth is vital in all relationships because 1. what you say might, not be how they heard it. Or You might say something you didn't mean. If you are not married, you will experience this and if you are married this is an every day thing that you and our spouse is working on. Another triat of a healthy family is that they affirm and support each other: This could be in times of trial on one side, or in sending your son or daughter off to collage. It the thought of each other be confident in who they are and who they are as a family. Another one is that they have respet for each other and through this others learn what respet is. It's sort of a definition of the word, but them applyed in their everyday living. Another is that the family develop a sense of trust for each other. The husband and wife trust each other, when their children prove themselves worth of doing something the parents trust for them grows. But the hardest thing we have to mention is how hard is it to gain trust back? Very. When the trust is broken before two different people, or multiple people there is a scar there and there is no confidence for that person. Others are, Have a sense of play and humor, share responsibiliy, they teach a sense of right and wrong, they have a stone sense of family oriented time (christmas, etc.), they share a religious core with each other....
These listes are some triats to a healthy family. I know that with in every family there are times of struggles and frustrations, but on the other end there is things that are great and encouraging. What we want as a family is to be healthy. And these are some steps on how to grow and be healthy as a family.

Fahter Less Homes

This is a study that i was able to look into, and I've realized the importance of the fathers role in the homes. Their role as dad, leader, helper, encourager, etc. The definition of Father is stated in this way: Father is a man who has beget a child; and with this child he cares for them, protects them and takes full responsibility for that child. He is the source of previsions. Now that we know the definition, we have to emphasize the importance of fathers managing there role and responsibility for that Child. The fathers impact for his child is crucial, and powerful, the most valuable things a father can give to his children is a loving relationship that is interested in who they are, as God created them. Boys:When a boy is growing up the Father will lead him into man hood, hopefully naturally. He will tell him and show him of all the responsibilities he will have in the future. He will show him life and what it is and what is expected from him as a Child of God and a man. There are sever consequences of boys who are not lead into man hood. Here are some: 1. A son my develop an attitude which says. It is all about me and what i want in life. I'm the one who is to get all i want. 2. The son might develop this view for women as slaves. They are to be used. 3. A son's heart might be hardened and not ready for the Lord. These things that are stated are very important to look out for and hopefully over time we will put into effect leading out boys and girls to women hood. Girls: What about daughters? How are we as fathers lead our girls to women hood, how are we to grow them and help them change into an image as God wants them to be? Here are some ways that a father can lead a girl into woman hood: 1. Give her an expression of non-sexual love and affection to your wife so that your daughter may see it and then to you daughter. 2. Let your daughters do feminine things, and lead your daughter to accept and rejoice in God's design of her and bring her to dependence to God. 3. Let your girls see that you are reading the bible and talk to them about what you are reading, challenge them. 4. Give her a vision of godly woman hood etc.
As you can see that boys and girls are different, they have different needs and they listen a different way. The call for the father is this: God entrusted you with the raising up of your son and daughter for the Lord. God gave you this gift to nurture and mature them so that they will be ready to follow Christ and their God. Question... are you doing this? Is this a daily thing that you are undergoing? Think about it. The results on being involved with your children "dads" are amazing when you are involved in their lives. Toys and stuff like that is important to a degree. You son and your daughter want a relationship with you! Do you want your children to grow? Mature? Have a prosperous life? Do you want them to be safe? and have a good head on them that knows what is right and what is wrong? Dad's you play a very important role in the family. Remember that your children look up to you for strength when they are down, they look to you for encouragement to stay strong and head long! Think about it... and see what you need to change for the sake of your children.