Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Prayer Request for my Dad!

My life was turned up side down....
About a week ago my mom called me and had some news for me about my dad. There was a accident and my dad was in the middle of it. He was hurt really bad and was in critical condition. My dad works on heavy machinery (he is a mechanic) and is really good at his job. But with this case we will see that my dad was in the wrong spot at the wrong time. We don't know what happened all we can do is speculate all that could of happened. From the accident my dad broke his jaw, and other facial fractures occurred. He had (and still has) blood in his lungs. His lip was split open also. Because of all the shock and trauma that happened, his body naturally slewed up. But this caused other problems such as his throat being closed up, the blood was focused on the mid section of his body and this could have caused blood clots because there was no circulation going on. I flew home to be with my family, we were hurt and we were fearful for my dad. I was able to comfort my mom and help her in all the areas of which i could. When i saw my dad, emotions struck me as i saw him laying there in pain because of what happened to him. I has a hard time looking at him and i hated seeing him this way because this is not how i want to see my dad.
A week and a half later i returned home with my wife (she came up a couple days later) to fulfill needs and responsibilities here. I get texts from my sister and calls from them with updates on my dad. He is doing a lot better. He is still in ICU and is progressing well. Please keep praying because he is not 100%. He has a long way to go and he is going because of your guys prayers for him. Keep Praying.

What we were challenged with:
-Trust in God.
-Not to worry.
-Family members who want to help, but were in the way.
-Conflict at times between my mom and sister.
-Etc. and the List goes on.

What we were confident in:
-My dad is a Christian, and God loves him more then us, and we know that He is holding him.
-That God is in complete control.
-That no matter what we have to stay faithful to God. (Even during trying trials in our lives.)

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