Friday, August 28, 2009

Everything Starting up!

When Beth and I returned to Lubbock from our Trip to India, and to California to visit my parents and supporters, we had to unpack. Before we left for our trip we had to pack everything up because we had to moved from one apartment to another. The reason for this is because there is 66 AIMers in class, and they needed the apartment we were in. So Beth and I moved. So when we arrived back to Lubbock we had to unpack and then go to Wichita Falls to visit Beth's coordinators from Italy who only come once every two years because of costs etc. So we went there for 3 days and spend time with them. Beth was very excited and i was happy to meet them. When returing we realized that AIM and Sunset start up within two days from the day we left Wichita Falls. (take a minute with me while I go over some times with all that we did over the summer)
1. Had four days to Pack- to get everything ready to move (before our Trip to India)
2. India trip (four weeks in three different Cities) -it was awesome!
3. California- right after ward to visit family and supporters for a week (It was great)
4. Lubbock- two days to un-pack everything in our new apartment, then...
5. Wichita Falls- visiting Beth's Corrdinators from Italy, then...
6. Only had two days till AIM and Sunset started.
-This last summer has been great, i just think next time we wont cram so many things in one summer...

These weeks Beth and I have been back in School. Our Classes that we are taking are- Minor Prophets, 1 & 2 Peter/ James, Life and Teachings of Jesus Part 1- (Luke), and Intro to Ministry Studies. We are still working with AIM and enjoy every minute of it. Small groups are established with the AIMers and Sunday area Churches are also going on. great!

This year i'm excited to see the change not only in these AIMers lives but also me and my wifes life. You can learn alot from young people and their zeal.


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