Monday, August 24, 2009

Trip to Tracandrum – July 1-6, 2009

Gospel meeting– So before leaving Lubbock for this trip we remember hearing that we will be having a gospel meeting. I had a lot of question and thoughts in what does that mean and what are the details to that. So the day comes to preach. There were 20 or so visitors there and the rest were saints wanting to grow in their relationship with God. P.K. (the preacher there) translated for Rance and I. My Lesson was–“Jesus the all powerful God.” -Note to self, be prepared because Rance and I didn’t have but 2days to prepare for a Gospel meeting that we have never been to, with a translator, and unsure of the time limit and what to expect. I asked P.K. how long do I have he said 45 minutes. When going through my lesson I could see that the people there were interested in what I / P.K. was saying. After each gospel meeting, the church provided everyone with samosa type things. (imagine a croissant with curry goodness inside)

Rance taught– When teaching God was honored through what was said and what was studied. Rance did a great Job. I can clearly see that God is changing him and that he has the gift of teaching, because he knows it, is challenged by it, and can not keep what he has studied in
when talking to people. I’m thankful God puts people like Rance in our lives. We need them in the Church!

Trip to south tip of India– R.K. (Brother there) took us to south tip of India. You couldn’t
go more south then where we were. It was beautiful. The air was clean, the winds were strong and the waves were moving. Sunday morning (July 5) I preached in one congregation, in
Kovalam, which is 45 minutes away (the place was where Rance and I had the gospel
meeting) And Rance preached where the Church meets in Trivandrum. I preached on Romans 12 and giftedness. How we are all a part of a body with all unique and special gifts given
to us by God. When looking at the people I could see that they were interested in this topic and there was something going on in their minds. I asked them this question: What is your gift.
Then I went through every gift listed in Romans 12. And at the end of every gift I asked these questions. For example: Encouraging… do you do this? Could you do this? Is this your gift? I
was trying my best to challenge the congregation to find out their gifts so that through them the body will be encouraged and that they will grow through the blessings that God gave them. The believers there have great potential to grow and change. They just don’t know it yet. There
are men willing to serve and lead and teach, just don't know how, and there are women there will to serve and teach the younger women… they just don't know how yet. God is doing great things there with the Church. Pray for them! Pray for: Growth, wisdom, deeper relationship with God, a yearning for reading and praying. Pray… Pray… PRAY… Never Not Pray.

The Food– Indian food is full of spices. They don't eat ground beef because they see the cows as holy. So they some times eat chicken but more are vegetarian. It isn’t as spicy as people make it out to be but it is very good. Plus, you get to eat with your hands, how cool is that. The only down side that I saw was that I had to eat with my right hand, because the left hand is
seen as un-clean (I’m a lefty). For you to experience what I had to go through for 4 weeks in India with eating. The next meal you have make it similar to Indian food with rice, sauce, vegetables and eat it with your opposite hand. (tell me how it was.)

God Challenged me– Through out my whole time in Trivandrum I was being challenged.
By the culture, by my personal relationship with God, and with stepping up to the plate to bat. I was pushed and stretched and all I could do is say, “Its all about You (referring to God), it’s never been about me.” When thinking about this constantly (and I still do) I take myself out of the picture and allow God to work. When going to a different culture, meeting different people and seeing the Church there, you are overly encouraged and challenged at the same time because you get to teach them. It was great and I’m happy that Trivandrum was a place to go to. My life, and heart was changed, and not only that but the brothers were encouraged and strengthened and those who never heard about Jesus… DID! Keep Praying!

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