Saturday, August 22, 2009

Trip to Bangalore– June 23-29, 2009

Flying to India took more than a day and we spent 14 hours or more on one plan ride. (that was a challenge) This city that we flew into was a city of 6,200,000 and more people. When
arriving to the Hotel that we were staying in a went outside to see, smell, and listen to the city. The people there are really friendly and most if not all spoke English. It isn’t the English we are used to, it is from Britain. Plus with all their accents it makes it very difficult to understand them.

Water deficit– India was lacking water, and the only time they got water was during monsoon season. With out much water they had to cut the power for a while through out the day, and not only that but rice and other food was going up in price. The monsoons are very crucial for India because during this season they store water for the whole year until the next monsoon season. So if there is no water this year they will suffer through out the next. (The cure to this)- The people there would call out to all their gods for help, to help them get water flowing. They then asked a man to help them in this endeavor. He was known as the Rain Man who can make rain come.

Tony Preached on Sunday– and this was a very interesting experience for me. I didn’t know anyone there except the Missionary (Who is Indian their) and us Americans. I was nervous and at the same time didn’t have to worry about a translator because everyone there spoke English very well. I spoke on: How Jesus Proved Himself to Be the Only God. I loved it because the brothers there were sincere and very encouraging to us visitors. Then after ward we had some chai. ( great tea.)

Refuge Camp– At this camp there were more than 200 kids there who escaped from Sri Lanka during the civil war. Our mission when were was to put smiles on the kids faces and tell them about God through stories and songs. Stories like David and Goliath. Songs like– He’s got the whole world in His hands. It was great the Kids loved us and we to loved them. While there I
got close to two young adults that came with us who was in the youth group. Their names are Steven and Mang. When speaking with them I can clearly see that God is raising them up for Him to use them. I saw great potential and I saw future leaders in the Church. Please pray for them and there studies so that they will be men who are raised up knowing and having a relationship with the Lord, and that they will be servants for the people there. So that one say they might save those who are captive, enslaved to those Idols they worship.

Mysore– Was 3 hours away from Bangalore and where were there visiting the group of believers that lived their. When there I preached and they translated for me. (that
was quite an experience for me. I later learned to speak in thoughts, not sentences.) It was great for us. Because we were able to see that God and His Kingdom is growing more and more.

My over all experience in Bangalore was both great and a huge challenge. When walking the
streets and seeing hundreds of beggars, trash every where, the smell was very extreme and the noise at time unbearable. Even though it was a huge struggle for us physically, God used us and not only that, God changed us… Pray for working saints in Bangalore.

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