Sunday, May 9, 2010

Remarkable day today is. When thinking about Christ and all that He has done, i get excited and over whelmed. Today was a day of remember Him, what He did, for not just me, but world around me. Living a life as a Christian is quite difficult because in order to follow Christ there are things that we must as Christians give up. But in the end of day, the things that we give up don't even measure to the eternity that we gain through Christ. That's exciting, and comforting to person who knows that life is short and that there will be a day, when we die. It is awesome to have hope, and experience that Hope!... My prayer that is all people will know this hope, and will experience this hope that Christians have received. Christians, Pray for those that don't have this hope, this future. Pray that they will and that they will be interested in seeking after the truth of life. Never cease to pray, and be the light that you can be!